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Sport Pilot Certificate

Getting a sport pilot certificate is the fastest way to start flying airplanes. With the Sport Pilot option, you can get going faster and, if you want, keep moving to a Private Pilot's certificate.



  • At Least 16 Years Old
  • Complete Written Exam
  • 20 Hours Flying Time
    • 15 Hours Dual Instruction
    • 5 Hours Solo Flight
    • 1 Solo Crosscountry Flight
  • Demonstrate Pilot Proficiency
    • Preflight Procedures
    • Airport Operations
    • Takeoffs and Landings
    • Maneuvering Techniques
      • Slow Flight
      • Stalls
      • S Turns
      • Turns Around a Point
    • Navigation
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Postflight Procedures


With North County Flight Training your instruction is tailored to you personally. The precise number of hours it will take for you to complete your training will depend on the amount of time you dedicate to training, as well as the rate at which you absorb the material.

It is certainly not impossible to complete your training with the minimum required hours, however the national average number of hours of Sport Pilots completing their exam have is 33-37. At North County Flight Training the average is lower (27-31) so students are advised to plan for 30 hours of flight time and 25 hours of instruction. This training will INCLUDE many endorsements to remove most of the limitations of a sport pilot license.

Average Cost With Supplies: $4250-4750

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