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Instrument Pilot Rating

An Instrument Rating is arguably the most valuable rating a pilot can recieve. With this rating you are certified to fly in low visibility, in clouds, and with no outside references. With the skills you develop during instrument training you will become a much better and safer pilot.


  • Hold a Private Certificate
  • Complete Written Exam
  • 50 Hours Crosscountry Flying Time
  • 40 Hours Instrument Flying Time
    • 15 Hours Dual Instruction
    • 1 250NM Crosscountry Flight
  • Demonstrate Pilot Proficiency
    • Preflight Procedures
    • ATC Procedures
    • ATC Clearances
    • Instrument Flight
    • Navigation Systems
    • Instrument Approaches
    • Navigation
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Postflight Procedures


Once you have reached 50 Hours of crosscountry time getting your instrument is a relatively short experience. Most students are ready for the practical exam within the required 40 hours of flying time. Some students who go straight to instrument training from their private will not have the 50 crosscountry hours and will have to fly them during the training.

Most stidents who fly 2 times a week can complete this rating in 3-4 months, and flying once a week in about 6-8 months.

Average Cost With Supplies: $4250-4750

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