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Commercial Pilot Certificate

A Commercial Pilot Certificate is the first step to working as a professional pilot. This training hones your piloting skills With a commercial certificate, you can fly for hire in a number of scenarios including banner towing, fish spotting, performing aircraft ferry operations, etc.


  • At Least 18 Years Old
  • Hold a Private Pilot Certificate
  • Complete Written Exam
  • 250 Hours Flight Time
    • 100 Hours PIC Time
    • 50 Hours Croscountry
    • 10 Hours Instrument
    • 8 Hours Night Time
    • 20 Hours Instruction
    • 10 Hours Complex Time
    • 2 Hour Crosscountry
    • 2 Hour Night Crosscountry
  • Demonstrate Pilot Proficiency
    • Preflight Procedures
    • Airport Operations
    • Takeoffs and Landings
    • Maneuvering Techniques
      • Performance
      • Ground Reference
      • Slow Flight
      • Stalls
    • Navigation
    • Emergency Procedures
    • High Altitude Operations
    • Postflight Procedures


Commercial ratings are divided into 2 categories: Single and Multi Engine. The requirements listed here apply to both the single AND multi engine ratings, but you will only have to demonstrate them one time. After your Single Engine Commercial rating and go for the Multi Engine rating your examiner will only need you to perform the multi engine tasks of your checkride.

Time to complete this rating usually goes quite quickly since most often the pilot holds an instrument rating and has a good amount of flight experience.

Average Cost With Supplies: $2500-3500

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