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Airline Transport Pilot Certificate

An Airline Transport Pilot Certificate is the highest level certificate available from the FAA. ATP Pilots are qualified to perform any type of flight including acting as Captain of an airline, as well as training other ATP pilots. It requires the strictest training, and requires you be of good moral character. As an ATP pilot you are not only responsible for all crew and passengers that are aboard your aircraft you are also an ambassador of aviation itself.


  • At Least 23 Years Old
  • Be of Good Moral Character
  • Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot
  • Complete Written Exam
  • 500 Hours Crosscountry Time
  • 100 Hours Night Time
  • 75 Hours Instrument Time
  • 250 Hours PIC Time
  • Demonstrate Pilot Proficiency
    • Preflight Procedures
    • Airport Operations
    • Takeoff/Departure Phase
    • In-Flight Maneuvers
    • Instrument Procedures
    • Approaches and Landings
    • Normal Procedures
    • Abnormal Procedures
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Postflight Procedures


The Airline Transport Pilot rating is for those seeking a career in corporate or airline flying. Please refer to the regs for requirements. The checkride includes stalls, steep turns, approaches, and emergency procedures. All procedures are performed under the hood.

Average Cost With Supplies: $4250-4750

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