North County Flight Training

> Gabe Wisdom

August 2010

I contacted Jeff at North County Flight Training when I was thinking about learning to fly. I had gone up with other instructors but did not feel that they were in touch with my needs. Jeff at North County Flight Training took the time to get to know me and tailor the training to meet my needs as a student. I now have my Instrument rating which I also got with Jeff and am glad I did. He trained me in my aircraft (I had purchased a Cirruss SR 22 after I completed my privat pilot training). I tried others but in the end, Jeff came through. I highly recommend North County Flight Training.

> Lou Ilievski

July 2010

I always wanted my instrument rating but was reluctant to start the process due to concerns with juggling work and personal life, and the expense involved. I knew jeff because he instructed in the flying club i fly in here in Carlsbad, CA. As we became better acquainted, he asked me if I had any plans to get an instrument rating. I explained my reservations to him and he assured me that the process would not be nearly as cumbersome or expensive as I thought. After some more questions, Jeff convinced me to go ahead and study for the written test. What did i have to lose? So i studied a couple of weeks and, when I was ready, Jeff and I did a review. He was satisfied that I would do well on the test and signed me off to take it. I Passed with no problem. After that, we began flight training. With the written already out of the way, we could focus on flight procedures. Since I had some background through my studies, the things we went over were familiar enough to have meaning and I was able to retain te information easily. Withing 6 weeks, we had a checkride scheduled with a local examiner. I passed the test easily and was even complimented by the examiner on how well I was prepared for it. Looking back, I wish I had done it sooner. My flying skill has improved across the board and my confidence level is much higher now that I have a thorough understanding of the Airt Traffic Control System. Additionally, I am no longer worried about getting stranded somewhere due to fairly common weather conditions and I have the knowledge to make good decisions when to go or not go. Jeff is a great instructor and I recommend him to anyone looking for the Instrument Rating!

> Merle Marting

Sport Pilot
November 2007

I was curious about getting the Sport Pilot rating and came to my local flying club for advice. I met Jeff White he described the Sport Pilot curriculum. He also detailed the differences and similarities of the betwen sport and privat pilot ratings. We agreed to pursue the sport pilot rating with an eye toward upgrading to privat pilot later. I took my checkride 3 monts later after starting off from ground zero. The test was challenging but I passed on the first try and walked away a newly licensed sportr pilot. I flew home knowing that I was now able to confidently do this thing that I knew nothing about just 3 short months before. Jeff worked with me through studying for the written exam, and guided me through the best path all along the way. Thanks!!

> Mike Paeske

Private Pilot
June 2011

Jeff really made flight training easy. Working with him has been very easy and he took the time to work with me on my difficulties and never got frustrated. I plan on getting my instrument rating with him right away!

> Mike Richardson

Instrument Pilot
January 2011

I was introduced to Jeff through my first instructor that I had trained for my private pilot cerificate with. We got to know each other and realized that we had a lot in common. Jeff and I did some work together at the local flying club that we belong to. Along the way, I decided to make the move to an Instrument rating. I worked with Jeff to self-study for the written exam. We started the flight training at the same time. Jeff guieded me through a step-by-step process that took the guesswork out of the process. Whenever I had questions, he was available with answers and good advice. I think that Jeff meets the needs of folks like me who love flying and want to move forward.

> Tracy Scott

Private Certificate
June 2008

I met jeff through my airplane mechanic. He was having some work done on his airplane and I had just finished a grueling lesson. I was trying to but couldn't ever seem to see eye to eye with my instructor. I asked Jeff to fly with me and give me his honest opinion of whether or not I could do it. We flew the next day and he gave me a couple of tips but told me that my basic skills were fine. After that, I was convinced that flight training shouldn't be painful. I finished my private trainin with Jeff and had a great time! Whe I go for my instrument rating, I will be looking to do it with jeff and know that it will be done right.

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